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Community Stewardship

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Caring for our Home

Calyx is deeply honored to call South Whidbey State Park our home. As part of our daily work, Calyx students function as junior rangers, walking the trails, reporting downed trees and broken bridges, and helping to clear storm damage. Calyx families volunteer with Park clean up days and Ranger House maintenance and students submit monthly Stewardship Reports to Park staff. Calyx helps to keep park trails open and accessible to the community.


We are now excited to officially take on the role of "South Whidbey Park Team Leaders" for the Friends of Whidbey Parks organization. Through this collaborative effort with Washington State Parks, Calyx will serve as the liaison between the SWSP and community stewardship. This connection further solidifies our commitment to Park stewardship and opens the doors of possibilities for Calyx students to take on meaningful citizen science projects. Are you interested in bringing your group to SWSP for volunteer work, guided exploration, and/or field investigations? Contact us and we can make it happen! 

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