Creating a world that is kind, gentle and just.

Under the benevolent watch of the old-growth trees at South Whidbey State Park, there is a spark of light, a hopeful new possibility in the making. Here you will find children who communicate with clarity their vision of a healthy, loving and inclusive world. They have the confidence and ability to imagine, create, implement and embody creative resilience and problem solving.

Now, more than ever, our children need to be held, heard, and connected. They must feel connected and safe in their learning. How can we, as educators, administrators, and parents, provide this space for our children? We must anchor their learning times with social & emotional literacy, teach responsively, and be intentional about our use of technology. Calyx has always been grounded in social & emotional literacy, connection, and responsive education. We are happy to share with you the following new offerings (alongside our regular programs), responsive to these times.


- for 7-12 yr-olds -


Your child can cook!

Join us for Calyx Cooks, an online interdisciplinary cooking program. We'll meet for 6 Thursdays starting October 22nd, exploring our relationship to food, origins of ingredients, and places around the world.

OASIS and SWAP students welcome!


October 30, 2020



Join Calyx's naturalist mentors, with special guest Dave "Caveman" Friedman, for a FREE facilitated nature experience in your own backyard.  Discover the mysteries that await you in your own backyard! 

Calyx Connects Backyard Field Trip

Friday, October 30th, 2020

10:00am-12:30pm PST


Professional Services

•  Consulting Services for your 

    specific program

•  Professional Development for

    teachers and administrators

•  Support in adapting your school

    culture to an online format with an

    intentional and minimal use of


•  Creative assessment methods that

    are inspiring and even fun!

Special Offerings for Current Times

A Revolutionary Education

At Calyx, you will find children who communicate with clarity

their vision of a healthy, loving and inclusive world.

Calyx provides the critical skills children need to navigate an uncertain future in an rapidly changing world. Calyx connects children with nature, community and self, and nurtures the next generation of environmental and social justice leaders by providing low and no cost, place-based, nature and service learning experiences for children, families and the community. The 347 acres of South Whidbey State Park grounds learning in connection, diversity, stewardship, critical thinking and advocacy.

Creative and compassionate citizens of the earth,

these children truly embody what is possible.

Our naturalist guides, the storytellers, the song carriers - or, what we call, our mentors - tap into the creative potential of their students to facilitate a connection that grows a sense of purpose, an expanded vision of what is possible, and a greater capacity to imagine, and thus create, a sustainable world.

Elements of a Calyx Education

  • We nurture the genius of childhood.

  • Our curriculum is emergent, responsive, anti-racist and interdisciplinary.

  • We emphasize social and emotional literacy, nature connection, community, social justice, and creative practice.

  • We are grounded in the local and embrace the global while celebrating diversity in all its forms.

  • We nurture life-long learners and engaged and empowered citizens.

  • We spend a lot of time outdoors.

  • We practice critical thinking.

  • Our rich art curriculum grounds our learning and cultivates powers of creative expression.

  • We listen deeply to one another, to ourselves, and to the earth.

Calyx Happenings

Calyx Launches Online Outdoor School!

Calyx mentors and children continue to learn together! Our new program uses technology minimally and intentionally to support our ongoing work in nature connection, social & emotional literacy, integrated studies, culinary arts, visual arts, and civil discourse. Mentors continue to work closely with children and families to develop our new program design, ensuring all children have access to the learning being offered and that our families feel supported.

"I just can't say enough about how incredibly well you all have adapted to this situation! People are floored when I explain our routine. So impressive! Thank you!" - Calyx Parent

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